Retirement & Assisted Living Custom Wayfinding Solutions

If one of our standard options isn’t a perfect fit or you are looking for something that is a “cut above,” BigMedia has the design expertise and creativity to develop signage that is focused on enhancing your décor.

Our design team has more than 25 years’ experience in both interior and graphic design. We draw from this experience and innate creativity to develop exclusive designs that are unique to your requirements. Using a variety of different materials, our signage utilizes not only the richness of wood, but also the versatile options of acrylic, metal, stone and glass.

Our custom solutions become an architectural detail that enhances the look of the décor and adds a level of elegance to the functionality and operation of the organization.

BigMedia has experience with all types of projects — from renovations and upgrades to new construction. We have the expertise needed to “own” each project and see it through to successful completion, combining the need to conform to local building and fire code requirements, along with adhering to ADA guidelines for accessibility, without compromising effectiveness. Whether you need a solution for a single residence or for use across your organization, we will create corporate standards that can be implemented for ongoing use, ensuring a consistent, quality “look and feel” for existing residences as well as any future additions, upgrades or new construction. Our solutions to the challenges presented by residences encompassing more elaborate amenities and a wider array of activities are unique and not available elsewhere.