Long Term Care Residences

Long term care (LTC) residences need to comply with government regulations yet still provide a home-like environment for their clients. Wayfinding solutions must be practical and functional to meet day-to-day operational requirements and communicate with family and residents, but it is equally important that they add a dimension of warmth and caring to the environment.

BigMedia understands and has experience with these specialized needs and requirements. Based on this knowledge, we have developed unique, cost-effective products and solutions for LTC residences. We create products that are durable to sustain prolonged use and that can be cleaned and disinfected easily. Not only can we help with organizing the clutter that a magnitude of paper creates, we do so with eye-pleasing products that complement or enhance the décor and make it easy for staff, visitors and residents to obtain the information they need when they need it.

BigMedia will assist you in promoting participation and community living by “branding” locations, activities and programs within your LTC residence.

Our unique Memory Care products are designed to stimulate residents’ cognitive abilities — products such as Memory Frames, Memory Boxes and Memory Cabinets. Standard or customizable, each variation is cost-effective, requires little wall space, and can be managed by family or staff depending on individual needs.

Whether your project involves add-ons to existing signage, upgrades or new (including Memory Care), BigMedia will partner with you to deliver appealing solutions that provide clear direction and meet all safety requirements to create an environment that makes it possible to respond positively and appropriately to the diverse physical, psychological, social and cultural needs of all LTC residents.

Our services include:  

  • Wayfinding Design and Planning
  • Compliance Issues
  • Branding
  • Memory Care Products
  • Theme & Building Signage
  • Ongoing Management