Long Term Care Wayfinding Solutions

Information for long term care (LTC) residences needs to be practical and functional yet simple, clean and easy to manage. BigMedia’s solutions address all these requirements, with products that also add a dimension of warmth and caring to the environment.

Our standard Wayfinding signage is designed to simplify the purchasing process and accommodate varying needs. Signs are available in different styles to complement any interior design and enhance the look of the décor to create a comfortable, non-institutional ambiance.

BigMedia offers warm, rich, natural materials in five standard stains to create professional products that provide clear direction and meet all safety requirements. We can also customize the finish to match your décor.

Our solutions have been designed to enhance the functionality and operation of each residence, as well as communicate special events and increase awareness. In addition to making it easy for staff, visitors and residents to obtain the information they need when they need it, these solutions also project a warm, at-home feeling.

Standard sizes are available for various types of signs, to which custom content can be assigned and changed/updated as required. All signage is produced and shipped from our facility in Simcoe, or can be installed if desired.