Retirement and Assisted Living Residences

Retirement and assisted living residences pose unique challenges in the design and implementation of Wayfinding solutions. With a blend of independent living similar to a Condominium and the communal aspects of a Hotel, literally the whole building is a resident’s home.

BigMedia has the in-depth knowledge required to create solutions that enhance the functionality and operation of each building, communicate special events, and increase family, visitor and resident awareness. Each Wayfinding strategy needs to provide clear direction to residents and visitors, yet still maintain a warm, at-home feeling. The last thing residents want is to feel that they are living in an institution. BigMedia uses warm, natural materials to create appealing Wayfinding solutions that provide clear direction and meet all safety requirements. We also understand and accommodate the specific needs of residents; for example, selecting larger fonts to create easy-to-read information, with installation at appropriate heights.

Our solutions complement each residence’s design and become an architectural detail that enhances the look of the décor and creates a comfortable, non-institutional environment. We will partner with you to create a “brand” for locations, services and programs within the residence for increased participation and fostering community living.

BigMedia has experience with all types of projects — from renovations and upgrades to new construction. We have the expertise needed to “own” each project and see it through to successful completion, combining the need to conform to local building and fire code requirements, along with adhering to ADA guidelines for accessibility, without compromising effectiveness. Our solutions to the challenges presented by residences encompassing more elaborate amenities and a wider array of activities are unique and not available elsewhere.

Our services include:  

  • Wayfinding Design and Planning
  • Menu and Activity Boards
  • Window Frosting
  • Theme and Building Signage
  • Ongoing Management