Retirement & Assisted Specialty Products

When is a sign more than just a sign? When it becomes an architectural element, an integral part of the building, a centrepiece.

BigMedia has the expertise to customize and create solutions that are designed to blend in, integrate with or enhance the architectural design of the building — and provide you with a competitive advantage.

Our specialty signage is truly unique in design, strategically crafted to attract attention, evoke interest and encourage participation (e.g. cafés, spas, theatres, etc.), inspiring these areas to take on a personality of their own.

We go beyond the standard signage to create eye-pleasing enhancements to existing décor — ranging from incorporating window frosting in a variety of designs and patterns to producing large digital graphics to identify and enhance common areas anywhere in the residence.

BigMedia will work with you to create an individual brand that projects a professional image and fosters a community feeling for residents, visitors and staff alike.